The State of the Democrats at the State of the Union

Did you see how the Democrats, especially Pelosi and Schumer, acted while the President was giving his positive message for America?

I did, and they reminded me of kids when they are too young to know better.


Once, my cousin, who was around six at the time, had just had an operation, and he was playing his role of recovering patient to the hilt.  He liked being taken care of and coddled. 

One morning his mother served him bacon and eggs, but he refused to eat them.  His mother suggested that his breakfast would be good for him and help him get well faster.  However, he was adamant.  Whereupon, his Mother told him that she would give his breakfast to his sister.  At that he got really angry declaring that he did not intend to eat his breakfast and that he did not want his sister to eat it either. 


One day our boys were playing basketball in front of our house.  Unexpectedly, a disagreement arose, followed by silence, and later our son slamming the door as he stormed into the house.  When asked what had happened, he said that he and the others had insisted that Bobby follow the rules.  Well Bobby was not about to follow the rules.  He wanted to play by his rules.  When they refused, he played his ace in the hole.  It was his basketball, so he picked up his ball and went home.  In his mind the other players refused to compromise. 


Barb loved hanging out with her friends from junior high school.  Sometimes we thought that she spent more time with them than she did at home.  However, her mother and I did not say anything.  The experts insist that young people should be given their freedom.

One evening at the dinner table Barb told us that one of her friends was having a sleepover that weekend.  This would be her first sleepover ever.  She was so excited. 

However, her mother and I did not know the girl’s family, and she was in her first year of junior high.  After exchanging meaningful glances, we decided that she should wait until another more appropriate occasion, which seemed reasonable to us. 

But it was neither reasonable nor acceptable to Barb.  She would not listen.  She was not able to accept that decision.  It was her life, and we were interfering with her plans to go to her friend’s sleepover.  She fumed, and she complained.  Then, she glared.  First, she glared at me; then she glared at my wife.  Finally, in the most contemptible voice she could muster she told us with venom dripping from her voice how much she hated us. 


Little Jimmy had the strangest look on his face.  I had never seen him look like that before.  I asked my wife what was wrong with Jimmy.  Is he sick?  He has the strangest look on his face. 

My wife took a look and laughed.  She explained that he was not sick and that even though the look might be strange, there was nothing to worry about.  She knew what I did not know -- he was either having or getting ready to have a bowel movement!  (Something is about to happen, and I do not like it.)


Yes, I watched the Democrats at the President’s State of the Union speech.  They were so miserable.  They do not want employment to rise.  They do not want the stock market to rise.  They do not want the economy to grow.  They do not want the President to succeed.  They do not want to see America prosper under someone else’s leadership.  That is frightening to them.  If Americans are doing well, they will not need the government to take care of them.  That must be a terrible possibility for them

Yes, I watched the Democrats.  They were so miserable.  They are out of power, which cast a pale over every countenance in the room.  They are not making the rules now.  They cannot play the game the way they want to play the game, and they are upset.  What are they going to do?  They cannot even take the ball and go home because now someone else has the ball.  However, the game is going on without them, and that they do not like.

Yes, I watched the Democrats.  They are angry.  They are furious.  They have made it clear that they are not going to cooperate, but that does not seem to be having the desired effect. 

The old saying is that those who cannot lead and will not follow invariably obstruct progress.  The Democrats have committed themselves to obstruction, but in spite of their best efforts, the government is proceeding without them and doing very well no thanks to them.

Yes, I watched the Democrats.  They had that same look on their face that little Jimmy had that day.  They must have been most miserable.  It was no surprise that they left the congressional chambers so precipitously.  They probably had to go!

Yes, I watched the Democrats.  Their behavior during the State of the Union positive message reminded me so much of children. 

At first, I laughed.  They were so funny, and so infantile.  However, the more I saw of their behavior the sadder I became.  It soon dawned on me that these are adults.  They are not children.  Yet, they are acting like children.  That is sad. 

Then, as the State of the Union address continued, another thought overwhelmed the comedy and the sadness.  What they are doing is frightening, frightening because they are also the representatives of the people, and they have been given the privilege and the responsibility of protecting and supporting a form of government that will give our citizens the freedom and the opportunity to live life to the best of their ability.   Their obligation is to protect and preserve our republic for the benefit of the citizens of our great country.

Let’s hope that at some point in the near future that the Democrats will be able to grow up, to put their country before their party, and to participate in our government with the express purpose of making America the land of liberty and opportunity.

Kevin Cee is a pen name

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