The real Clarice Feldman shines in conversation with Peter Boyles of KNUS

Clarice Feldman is a gem, as her fans know. One self-proclaimed fan is Peter Boyles, who invited her on his talk show on Denver’s KNUS AM 710.

He soon elicited from Clarice a few facts that he wasn’t expecting about her professional background. A conversation ensured during which like turned to love, more or less.

Hint: among other things, she’s been a union corruption buster and Nazi hunter for the feds.

She also explains her approach to her work.

Believe me as her friend of many years, Clarice is remarkable, period, and you get a taste of what her friends all love in her during this conversation of less than 20 minutes. She speaks as she writes: sharp and to the point.

You can listen to the entire conversation here.

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