The craziest response (so far) to the Nunes Memo

You can’t really blame the anti-Trump establishment for going a little nuts following the release of the Nunes Memo. For good reason, they fought its disclosure. And now, they are in a panic state, as the cherished narrative of Russia installing a puppet named Trump in the Oval Office is being discredited. They realize that if the FISA warrant was fraudulently obtained, the entire Mueller investigation, premised on that warrant and the Steele Dossier used to obtain it, may be what the law calls, “Fruit of a poisonous tree,” which makes the evidence obtained inadmissible in court. Bye-bye to those dreams of criminal charges for the POTUS.

Watching the Trump Hate Channel, aka, CNN, yesterday, my jaw dropped when Carl Bernstein, who won a Pulitzer Prize along with Bob Woodward for developing the Watergate story, came on air and spouted incoherent nonsense. Jake Tapper, who was moderating that segment, has a lot of IQ points on most of his CNN colleagues (especially Wolf Blitzer), and while dutifully following the imperative of diminishing the “disputed Nunes Memo,” as CNN called it most of the day, semed to me taken aback by Bernstein’s nuttiness.

Apparently calling in via a tin can and string (the audio quality was as poor as the ideas being expressed), Bernstein invoked … wait for it … Joe McCarthy. The following video segment lasts seven and a half minutes, but the comedy can be appreciated in less time than that, though Bernstein’s contentions get more ridiculous as he babbles onward, claiming the Nunes Memo (exposing political abuses by Trump haters) shows that President Trump places himself “above the law”

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