So much for artificial intelligence and the stock market's programmed trades

We see a lot of people touting artificial intelligence (AI) as the wave of the future.

On Monday there was a great example of the wonders of AI. Machines are programmed to sell stocks at certain levels, and they do what they are told. Then the cascading effect goes throughout the world. So what if a human forgets to program the machines to stop selling? What could go wrong?

When I think of AI, I think of self-driving cars, which are only as good as the humans programming their cameras and computers. Let’s say an autonomous car was going down the road and came to black ice that it didn’t recognize and yelled at the person in the back seat (who was drinking a beer, reading a book and had never learned to drive) and the car took over. What could go wrong? I also think of how cars with AI could not have handled the changing conditions of Hurricane Harvey.

There are a lot of examples of AI cascading through society today with negative consequences. It has to be AI, because if humans were actually using the brains God gave them, this stuff wouldn’t happen. AI is that sort of automatic programming that replaces thinking in the name of greater productivity.

Programming can take many forms, not just AI, but the thought-free parrotings of the press and on the left:

Some examples:

No matter how many times the global warming fear mongers have been shown to cook the books and how many predictions of theirs have been completely wrong, programming in the form of journalists and others. repeat over and over again “Climate change/global warming is caused by humans. People who disagree should not be listened to because they are stupid.”

Jimmy Kimmel has been programmed to repeat the tropes provided to him by Chuck Schumer on any subject as factual, and the rest of the media has been programmed to just repeat over and over again how smart Kimmel is.

In the president's State of the Union speech, Democrats were programmed to sit and grimace no matter what was said. A human, Joe Manchin, made a mistake and stood to applaud at a non-programmed time, then looked around, and said 'oops. I must sit.'

Obama  programmed bureaucrats to target people who disagreed with him. Humans performed the task at IRS, and after Obama sent out the message that there wasn’t a smidgen of evidence that anyone did anything wrong, humans, without a brain at Justice complied.

Obama also programmed the FBI and Justice to not charge Hillary no matter what she did and they did what they were told. Journalists were programmed to not see anything wrong either and support her for President.

Obama needed a reason to spy on political opponents so his minions needed a program to justify this task. The one they found was paid for by Hillary and the DNC. Once the piece of artificial intelligence, or maybe fictional intelligence was bought and paid for, it was spread throughout the media world to complicit journalists who gladly reprinted the program as factual. Then the Justice Department and FBI, which was obviously programmed to do what they were told, used the dossier themselves and leaked it to the media to justify the spying.

After the spying was exposed, the same journalists who continually reprinted and repeated the programming as factual said dutifully they could see nothing wrong with what the FBI and Justice did.

Throughout eight years of the truly autocratic, dictatorial Obama, journalists were programmed to say how smart and inclusive he was no matter what he did. They continue with that order today.

The media has now been programmed to say that Trump, who is trying to give the power, purse and freedom back to the people and the private sector as fast as he can is the autocrat. Stupidity is thriving.

It would be nice if journalists and others went back to using their brains and common sense instead of just repeating what they are told. They would be worth reading and listening to then.

Maybe if humans were deciding when to buy and sell common stocks instead of machines programmed by humans there would be more logic and not as many scary moves. .

We should all remember that AI, and any kind of programming, can be extremely dangerous if the wrong people, or people with bad motives, do the programming.


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