Progressives not even bothering to hide their political hijacking of the University of California's newest campus

The takeover of higher education by leftist activists is so complete that they don’t feel any necessity to hide their appropriation of student and taxpayer funds for political agitation.  At the University of California, Merced, founded in 2005, the build-out of the fledgling campus includes staffing up with political commissars, whose jobs will be to agitate and direct students into political activities that advance the causes of the hard left. This newest campus of the vast University of California has an acceptance rate of 70% (compared with 17.5% for Berkeley) and has the highest percentage of “underrepresented” minorities in the entire UC system. Ideal for the production of race and gender activists of middling intellect. Toni Airaksinen reports for Campus Reform:  The University of California-Merced is hiring an administrator well-versed in feminism to support “student driven events” such as “activism” and...(Read Full Post)