Podesta can't explain why Russians focused on battleground states and Hillary didn't

I don't know whether Democrats truly believe that Russian meddling swung the election to Trump in 2016 or it's just a convenient narrative to excuse their own incompetence and stupidity.

If they really believe it, they are delusional.  More likely, as political pros, Democrats like John Podesta recognize the real reason why Hillary Clinton lost.  She was the worst presidential candidate in the history of the Democratic party heading up the worst run campaign in the history of either party.

Podesta was trapped by Face the Nation host Nancy Cordes and unsuccessfully tried to spin his way out of it.  At issue: Why did the Russians know to concentrate their efforts on battleground states and Hillary didn't?

Daily Caller:

Host Nancy Cordes noted that an indictment handed down by special counsel Robert Mueller on Friday showed that Russian operatives who meddled in the election appeared to realize the importance of focusing on those battleground contests. 

"How is it that these Russian operatives knew to focus on purple states like Michigan and Wisconsin and your campaign didn't?" Nancy Cordes, the host of "Face the Nation," asked Podesta.

"Of course we spent a lot of time and energy and effort in all those states," Podesta insisted.

"Hillary Clinton did not spend much time," Cordes interjected.

"We had [Vice Presidential nominee] Tim Kaine was there, Barack Obama, and she spent enormous time in Pennsylvania and Michigan," said Podesta.

"We spent a lot of effort, we had staff in Wisconsin that even President Obama had in 2012."

Clinton and her campaign have been heavily criticized for failing to campaign heavily in swing states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, all of which the former secretary of state lost in a surprise upset to Trump.

Clinton did not visit Wisconsin at all during the campaign.  By contrast, Trump visited the state five times during the last three months of the campaign.

Here's a list of campaign stops Clinton made during the last nine days of the campaign.  Clinton made 18 campaign appearances during that time, while Trump made 32 stops.

As far as individual states, Trump outhustled Clinton in several key contests.  Hillary made five stops in Florida; Trump made six.  She made two stops in Michigan, Trump four.  She made three stops in Pennsylvania, Trump five. 

Additionally, Clinton made three stops in Ohio the last hours of the campaign – a state she did not need to take in order to win the election.  Trump made one, correctly figuring he had it sewn up.

Podesta is talking nonsense.  Surrogates are fine for fundraising and pepping up the troops.  But only the candidate can really sway voters.  And Clinton was not only a bad campaigner in that respect.  She also ran a horrible campaign.

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