Pelosi Democrats beat the tax-cuts-are-bad gong

Convinced they've got a blue wave coming, Democrats are doubling down to persuade voters the GOP tax cuts are 'a scam.' Doesn't sound like a winning strategy for a blue wave come November.

Now, it's easy to dismiss these anti-free market leftists as just stupid, given all the money the tax cuts have spread throughout the U.S. economy, just within its first weeks of passage.

But the problem with the debate on tax cuts is that the public is barely aware of what was included in the GOP tax reform plan. That's something Nancy Pelosi and her flying monkeys can take a bow on, thanks to the endless lies and misinformation coming from Democrats, and the reluctance of the media to call them on it.

The thing is, the truth is out there. Investor's Business Daily has a good editorial today on just that in its website today, called:

Dems Vow To Repeal 'Parts' Of GOP Tax Cuts; But Which Ones?

Get a load of its lede:

Election 2018: Democratic leaders say they plan to run this November on the promise of repealing parts President Trump's tax cuts if elected. Should someone tell them that they've already lost this debate?

It points out that when people learn about the specifics of the tax law, they overwhelmingly like it. That was the finding of the recent Harvard Harris poll. Most provisions of the GOP bill get 70-80% support from the public. Will Democrats actually push to eliminate those? They’re not saying of course, because they’d rather keep the public in the dark.

The real problem for Dems is that the public is finally starting to see through their campaign of lies, and the tax law is getting more popular with each new poll. So good luck campaigning on raising people’s taxes, taking away their bonuses, and costing them their jobs, pals.

Graphic by Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)


Let's see how well that leftwing badmouthing of tax cuts really works s the vaunted 'blue wave' supposedly makes its magical appearance in November.



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