No detail is too small when criticizing President Trump

Add to the growing list of what is wrong, gross, outrageous, unacceptable, idiotic, frightening, and/or threatening about our president the fact that his manner of dress lacks style.

(Please sit down if you think the news I'm about to share might cause you to faint.)

Business Insider reports on the ghastly revelation that President Trump has the number "45" embroidered on the cuff of his shirt.

Monograms are a huge debate in menswear, and many say they're not a stylish choice.

What?  "Not a stylish choice? Can our president do nothing right?  (Automatic answer: Nothing at all.)

The article drones on not only about the poor taste of having a monogram, but of the placement of it, as well.  (Oh, will this nightmare of a presidency ever end?!)

Apparently, placing a monogram on the cuff of one's shirt is so distracting that it dilutes whatever the person wearing the shirt has to say.

The choice of placement, however, is another place where guys can go wrong.  While the cuff is one of several areas on dress shirts where men often place their monograms, Trump's location choice is where he really went wrong.

While a monogram can be subtle, one on the shirt cuff is the opposite of that.  It peeks out, and with contrasting stitches, it draws the eye immediately, distracting from the rest of what you have to say.  They face outward and are impossible to hide.

To those who are so distracted by a tiny embroidery of the number 45 on the cuff of a shirt that they simply can't attend to what the person is saying, I would suggest any number of things, including: get help now.  (Oh, and also, please don't vote.)