New Lost in Space has a black Judy Robinson, a Hispanic Major West, and a female Dr. Smith

Netflix is remaking the campy 1960s series Lost in Space.  As might be expected, the network is doing everything it can to ethnically cleanse white people and men from the cast, but it's a hard proposition, given that in the original series, the story focused on Professor John Robinson, a white man; his white wife, Maureen Robinson; Major Don West, a white man; Will Robinson, a white boy; and Dr. Zachary Smith, a white man. The show-runners started by replacing Dr. Smith with a woman, Parker Posey.  Yes, Dr. Smith is now a girl (in much the same way that Britain's Dr. Who is now Nurse Who). The original Dr. Smith. Meet the new Dr. Smith. Then Major West was replaced with a Hispanic character, played by Ignacio Serricchio.  Okay, Major West is Spanish now.  Maybe he should be called "Major Oeste." The old Major West.  White men must go. Meet "Major Oeste." But the most confusing...(Read Full Post)