Nancy Pelosi's net worth more than tripled during financial crisis 2008-2010

I am sure there is nothing at all suspicious when the then-speaker of the House managed to triple her (and her husband Paul's) estimated net worth in the period of a global financial crisis, when the federal government was deciding whom to bail out and whom to let go bankrupt, and where to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on "stimulus."

Doug Ross of Director Blue noticed the stunning investment success of the San Francisco couple, drawing on  information from Open Secrets, run by the Center for Responsive Politics.

And there is nothing at all odd about investing mainly in the financial sector during a financial crisis, during which government interventions played an outsized role:

And just because her investments were much less successful after she lost the speakership, it would be unjust to conclude that any political influence was at work.  No, no, no!  Remember that our leaders care about us, and protect us so fully that we don't even need firearms to protect us from bad guys.  We can just rely on law enforcement officials like the FBI and Sheriff David Israel in Broward County.

Or, maybe we have what Glenn Reynolds calls the "worst ruling class in history."

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