MSNBC's Katy Tur wonders if she's 'out of touch' for 'not cheering' $1000 bonus

Nancy Pelosi thinks the income gains from the GOP tax bill are "crumbs." Not to be outdone, MSNBC's Katy Tur wondered during her report on Trump's visit to a factory where workers received a $1000 bonus what good $1000 would do.


When he delivered remarks, Trump invited several employees up to talk about their bonus. One man talked about putting the bonus toward savings to start a family. Tur followed with a tweet stating that the average cost to give birth to a child in Ohio is $5,836.

A woman said she will use the $1,000 toward buying a home and paying college tuition for her children. Tur tweeted the statistic of the average home price and cost of a private and public college.

People on Twitter, particularly those who cover the media, told Tur that the money is for *helping* the employees get what they want, that they now have one thousand more dollars they did not have before.

"This is some monumentally absurd, condescending analysis," former CNN producer and TV Newser editor Steve Krakauer tweeted. "If you got $1,000 and chose to save it, it would absolutely help with a future purchase, starting a family, or college tuition for kids. It doesn’t PAY for it, and no one thinks it does."

You would think that after that kind of reaction, Tur would have slunk back under her rock and not even mentioned the issue again. But Tur doubled down on her elitist attitude the next day on MSNBC.

Wednesday on MSNBC TV, Tur seemed to double down on her original tweets while acknowledging $1,000 is a "big deal" and "nobody's scoffing."

"Or does that make me seem out of touch? I'm just not sure," she asked.

Tur then launched into a monologue about how $1,000 is not enough "sharing" from the company and how what workers want to save for "should be within the reach of every American."

"Every dollar counts and $1,000 is a very big deal. But along with cheering one-time bonuses, shouldn't we be pushing for long-term salary hikes?" she asked.

I don't know how much Tur makes, but it's almost certainly an upper middle class income. Perhaps it exceeds the liberal's magical "rich" threshold of more than $250,000. Since she really doesn't have to work for a living - unless you call brain dead blathering about issues of the day "work" - she can spout about $1000 not "helping" workers achieve their goals.

Even if workers use the money to pay down credit card debt, or put it in a college fund for their kids, it's a very big deal to those who work for a living. Perhaps it only means that a family can stop worrying about making ends meet for a little while. Tur wouldn't understand that. Her attitude reflects such a hatred for Trump that she and most liberals begrudge ordinary workers a boost in income.

A sad commentary, indeed.

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