Lawsuits filed to get rid of the winner-take-all Electoral College system

William Weld, former governor of Massachusetts and 2016 Libertarian Party V.P. candidate, has filed suit in federal court in Boston, claiming that the state's method of allocating all the electoral votes to the winner of the state's popular vote violates the U.S. Constitution.  It is part of similar coordinated lawsuits filed in Texas, California, South Carolina.  These states along with Massachusetts represent two Democratic states and two Republican states.  The argument is that these states represent the situation nationwide, where the voters for the losing candidate have no voice in selecting the electoral voters and thus no voice in electing the president. The lawsuit alleges: The predominant method in America for counting votes in presidential elections violates the United States Constitution; it also distorts presidential campaigns, facilitates targeted outside interference in our elections, and ensures that a substantial number of citizen voters...(Read Full Post)