Journalists and other Democrats love a leaking FBI as long as they target Republicans

The media loves it when the FBI selectively leaks and prosecutes as long as it is selectively leaking, investigating and prosecuting people and a party the media and Democrats target themselves. They certainly don’t want leaks or reports relating to Hillary or Obama.

Somehow, journalists and other Democrats don’t think that Congress should exercise its oversight responsibility over the Justice Department on the Russian collusion and Hillary email investigations or one unjustified investigation based on a fake Democrat paid for dossier and one pretend investigation treated as a matter.

Journalists and other Democrats always say they want equal treatment under the law, but their clear support of Hillary and her staff despite their serious continued violations of the law, and their unwavering support of the political appointees at the FBI when they let Hillary skate, shows they don’t really mean it. 

It is clear that Obama, Justice, and the IRS targeted political opponents throughout his eight years -- and the media was complicit in supporting them no matter what they did. 

I doubt that journalists would have as much affection and unending devotion to the FBI and leaks if the targets were Eugene Robinson, Chuck Todd and Hillary instead of Sheryl Attkisson, James Rosen and Trump.  In this article, Robinson made the following statement:

Comey wrote everything down. The FBI always writes everything down.

I believe he should have qualified the statement by saying the FBI writes down information in 302 forms, but we have to trust the agent’s account since no recordings are made. And we also know that Peter Strzok texted his mistress about not turning over “VERY inflammatory” 302s to Congress.  

Here is an interesting story about another dossier. It may not be surprising that the Obama Administration had so few foreign and domestic successes and that the economy had the slowest economic recovery in seventy years given the amount of time spent targeting its political opponents.   From Zerohedge:

Watchdog group Judicial Watch released 42 pages of heavily redacted State Department documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which reveal that the Obama State Department provided Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) a "dossier of classified information on Russia" in order to undermine President Trump, according to Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

“These documents show the Obama State Department under John Kerry gathered and sent its own dossier of classified information on Russia to Senator Ben Cardin, a political ally in the U.S. Senate, to undermine President Trump,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Judicial Watch will pursue information on who pulled this classified information, who authorized its release, and why was it evidently dumped just days before President Trump’s inauguration.”

Thank goodness we didn’t get Hillary who would have spent four to eight years enriching herself, family and friends while continually transferring the power from the people to the government in the continuance of Obama’s goal to remake (destroy) America as we know it.

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