How one hypocrite running for Congress can get Trump impeached

On February 19, Republican Rick Saccone debated Democrat Conor Lamb in the special election on March 13 in the 18th Congressional District of Pennsylvania, located southeast of Pittsburgh.  President Trump carried this district by 20 points, even though Democrats have a voter registration advantage.  Vice President Pence has campaigned for Saccone, a pro-life and pro-Second Amendment Republican.  President Trump will campaign this month.  It is an important race for the Republicans to maintain control of the House. Connor Lamb prominently displays in his ads that he is a Catholic and attended Pittsburgh Central Catholic High School to get Catholic votes, but he supports the Democrats' policy of supporting abortion.  He wants the Catholic vote but rejects the Catholic view that abortion is an intrinsic evil that takes the life of the innocent unborn child. During the debate, Lamb was asked a question on this...(Read Full Post)