Hilarious and effective: Trump tweets his rising poll numbers

Nobody else in DC comes close to communicating the way that Donald Trump does. The political and media establishment, committed to despising him, cannot recognize that his style reaches people in a way that more formal, florid and vocabulary-intense communications – intended to impress voters with the erudition of the speaker – cannot.

Consider this tweet:

My friend Mark J. Fizgibbons nails it with this comment he just emailed me:

His NY regional (but multi-ethnic) style is hilarious.  "Oh well, someday."

It is effective because of its contrast with the establishment, which talks politely while ruining America.  People see his style as a welcome contrast because his substance backs it.  We are angry with Washington, and he speaks as if he were one of us despite being a NY billionaire.

Also, he has a northeast blue collar edge with his humor, which is tough and mocking.  To me, having grown up in  blue collar Massachusetts, that's how friends spoke to each other.  It's humor with a competitive edge to it, which could lead to fist fights if carried out too far, but quite funny.

Also, the NY flavor of it is charming, and Trump is successful because he is also charming on top of tough.  What folks with Irish or Jewish heritage have not heard an exasperated parent say, "Oh well, some day" when they failed repeatedly to do something the parent wanted/asked them to do, but could not compel their child?

It is a tough assignment to be strong, authoritative, and yet approachable as one of us.  Two other modern presidents – both of them historical giants – managed this: FDR and Ronald Reagan. The (probably unconscious) suspicion that Donald Trump has these qualities is part of what drives Trump haters crazy.