Gun-grabbers exploiting children to capitalize on grief over Parkland school massacre

The ghouls among the gun-grabbers were well prepared to mobilize the many traumatized students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school as pawns, sticking microphones in their faces on CNN and bussing them to Tallahassee to demand more limits on law-abiding gun owners.  

The conspicuous absence of law-abiding gun owners at Stoneman Douglas allowed the perp plenty of time to carry out his mission and walk away to McDonald's, of course.  But logical consistency and attention to outcomes are not the hallmarks of the anti-Second Amendment crowd.  

It is a longstanding trick of the left to find people who are victims of something related to one of their causes and then proclaim "absolute moral authority" for the person who parrots the left's points.  See, for example, Cindy Sheehan.  And they hit the jackpot at MSD high school in the person of a student there named David Hogg.  CNN featured him a couple of days ago:

Skeptics on the right began checking him out and discovered a TV news segment from Redondo Beach, California, raising the suspicion that he wasn't even a student at MDS.  But unless this entire MDS High School Eagle website is a fraud, he was genuinely on a visit to Redondo Beach when the incident there went on TV and went viral online.

Hogg wasn't planted, but it looks to me as though he is a media-obsessed young man, seeking airtime now and a career in TV in the long run.  Big League Politics looked into his activist mother, Rebecca Boldrick, who apparently took him on a visit to CNN Headquarters, where he posed at an anchor desk:

And they have appeared together on ABC:

Twitter discovered embarrassing video of him rehearsing his lines:

Luring children to serve as pawns, even for causes that the adults fervently believe in, is morally hazardous.  Many teenagers crave the spotlight and are flattered by adults taking them seriously.  Accounts differ of the fate of the Children's Crusade of 1212, but none of them ends well for the children, and the traditional account has them sold into slavery, shipwrecked, and starving in the desert.  Let's hope the still traumatized students now being ghoulishly exploited fare better.