Gaslighting Republicans for political gain

Las Vegas, the First Baptist Church, the Gabby Giffords shooting...the left has used "mass shooting" events to push a narrative: gun control.  But the liberals' reaction to the Texas church shooting is not about gun control.

Democrats care not a whit about the victims in the latest mass shooting in Parkland, Florida beyond their ability to use the bodies of dead children to gaslight Republicans for political gain.  Again, they and they alone care about these children, and if we  (Republicans) aren't prepared to accept their fix to this problem, we alone are responsible for these deaths.

If this most recent perpetrator (name withheld) acted out for fame and power, is that not exactly what Democrats are doing as they rush to the microphone (and fundraise) to signal their virtue?

A sensible solution to "school shootings and other safe zone shootings" is to permit teachers, administrators, and other trained citizens to carry concealed in schools.  As someone said on the radio yesterday; "let one of these nutbags get his head blown off while attempting to commit his heinous act, and future nutbags will think twice."

But no – as with the DACA debate, and so many other pressing issues, the Democrats have no interest in solving this problem, unless of course we capitulate to their entire agenda.  They will continue to use dead children and illegal aliens as a sick political ploy to win elections.  The only question is, if Democrats (seemingly) gain from this ploy, could they be playing a more active role in the perpetration of said heinous acts?