Flush with pallets of cash from Obama, Iran is taking aim at Israel

Lee Kuan Yew, the great statesman of Singapore, once warned the U.S. that if Iran gets a nuclear bomb, "It will travel."

Something like that is happening.

It's not very visible in the news, but based on Saturday's deliberate Iranian drone attack on Israel, and the subsequent Israeli retaliation, it's obvious that Iran is gearing up to start a war with Israel.

The New York Times reports:

JERUSALEM — Israel clashed with Syrian and Iranian military forces on Saturday in a series of audacious cross-border strikes that could mark a dangerous new phase in Syria’s long civil war.

The confrontations, which threaten to draw Israel more directly into the conflict, began before dawn when Israel intercepted what it said was an Iranian drone that had penetrated its airspace from Syria. The Israeli military then attacked what it called the command-and-control center from which Iran had launched the drone, at a Syrian air base near Palmyra.

On its way back from the mission, one of Israel’s F-16 fighter jets crashed in northern Israel after coming under heavy Syrian antiaircraft fire. It is believed to be the first Israeli plane lost under enemy fire in decades.

That prompted a broad wave of Israeli strikes against a dozen Syrian and Iranian targets in Syrian territory. The Israeli military said it hit eight Syrian targets, including three aerial defense batteries, and four Iranian positions that it described as “part of Iran’s military entrenchment in Syria.”

The events, including Israel’s direct engagement with Iranian forces, threatened to intensify the crisis in Syria and showed the extent to which the country has become a battlefield between Israel and Iran, bitter foes in the region.

So Israel beat the crap out of the hostile invaders and the Times seems to be surprised at this.

What's really surprising is the lack of scrutiny of what started this incident in the first place: That Iran launched a deliberate military strike with an attack drone inside Israel and nobody seems to be alarmed about it? Mullahs will be mullahs, is that it?

Here is the sequence of events, according to astute Iran/Israel observer, Omri Ceren, on Twitter:



What we're seeing is an act of war. Imagine the reaction if Mexico deliberately did this to us. (Mexico does do this sort of of thing, but it's by accident, and leads to nothing). A drone strike is a prelude to much bigger strikes, much the same way a mini-stroke is a warning of a much larger stroke coming ahead. It can't be ignored.

And that demands scrutiny as to why in this era of low oil prices, angry mass protests over the economy, and global sanctions, Iran's mullahs seem to have so much money to throw around for starting new wars.

Scroll back to 2016. President Obama touted his Iran Deal, Ben Rhodes defended it, and cash from the U.S., previously locked in from sanctions since the 1970s. rolled off the pallets into the happy hands of the mullahs: first a $400 million shovel-out and then $1.3 billion more. Money in that amount can easily be invested to multiply it, and if nothing else, can be spent to upgrade military capabilities. 

As Ceren observes:




Already we know the Obama-approved cash went to Iran's acts of war against Saudi Arabia, through its financing of the Houthi rebels on its southern flank in Yemen. That drove Saudi Arabia to seek help from its militarily competent northern neighbor, Israel.

Now we are seeing Iran get itself into a two-front war, initiating it with these fresh, and direct, attacks on Israel, which it knows will be answered. Out in Syria, there actually was Israeli contact with the mullah troops as the retaliation began. Incredibly, the media seems to be reporting this as Israel's fault, rather than Iran's, and ignoring that Israel's retaliation is the act of a nation defending itself.

Ceren observes:




What we are seeing here is the Iran Deal in action. The Obama cash gave Iran's mullahs a new battery for launching attacks abroad, well beyond terror and into warfare as it seeks to expand its global reach, and it didn't take long to "travel." 

As Ceren observes:

Even the Russians in the region are spooked, calling for some kind of calm, which suggests they think the status quo is shifting.

Iran's cash from the Obama-brokered Iran deal is now bringing Israel a war. Incredibly, the Obamatons and the foreign policy establishment continue to defend the bad deal. The rest of us look on in horror at the idiocy of giving billions to the mullahs.