Florida school shooter in custody may offer an opportunity to explore role of medications in school massacres

The rash of school shootings in the United States over the past two decades has nothing to do with the availability of firearms to youths, as the gun-grabbers claim.  American youngsters have always had access to firearms.  In fact, in decades previous, guns were much easier to purchase.

So, in looking for causes, it makes sense to examine other factors – for instance, the fame bestowed upon shooters by overboard media coverage of their misdeeds.  (I am deliberately not using the name of the suspect in custody.  He should not get the fame he may have coveted.)

Or...maybe we should examine the widespread use of psychotropic stimulant drugs, such as Ritalin, on male pupils in schools, which began to be used on a  wide scale in 1996.  Particularly when the drug use stops, there may be undesirable consequences.

I am not suggesting that anyone knows with certainty that there is a relationship, but rather that this is a factor that should be studied closely.  Now that a shooter is alive and capable of talking to authorities, his drug use should be examined, as should the use of pharmaceuticals by other shooters.

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