Finally! Unions organizing campaign workers, but only for Democrats

Just in time for the crucial 2018 midterm election, a brand new union, the Campaign Workers Guild (CWG), is organizing Democrats' campaign workers and just signed its first contract.

Josh Eidelson reports for Bloomberg:

The CWG announced Monday that it had secured a union contract with the campaign of Wisconsin activist Randy Bryce, the leading Democratic challenger to Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan in this year's midterm elections. ...

Among the issues the union said it seeks to take on are hours that approach eighty per week and wages that are below $15 an hour.

Under the agreement with Bryce's campaign, workers will get paid time off and earn at least $3,000 per month.  The negotiated contract covers eight employees and includes a third-party reporting process for sexual harassment and monthly health insurance reimbursement of up to $500, the campaign said.  "Randy is a candidate who practices what he preaches," said Bryce spokeswoman Lauren Hitt.

Perfect!  By all means, make sure that right before voters go to the polls, everyone gets their paid vacations and gets overtime pay for all work over 40 hours per week, with the right to refuse extra hours.  And make sure that a comprehensive grievance apparatus is in place, so that workers who feel they may have been sexually harassed are able to get paid time to litigate their complaints.  And for goodness's sake, get some work rules to protect the vulnerable workers from having to do anything hazardous, like pinning flyers to bulletin boards, licking stamps, or ringing the doorbells of strangers.

CWG has only one signed contract so far, but other suckers candidates are eager to be hamstrung organized.

Additional House campaigns and one gubernatorial campaign have also recognized the CWG and are negotiating contracts, according to the union's vice president, Meg Reilly.  "We're starting with Democratic candidates because there's obviously an explicit disconnect between the Democratic platform and how Democratic candidates treat their workers," she said. She declined to identify the other campaigns citing ongoing negotiations. ...

CWG's ultimate aim is a collective bargaining agreement that would cover all Democratic campaigns for local, state, and federal office and those for progressive ballot measures. 

This campaign unionization campaign is straight out of Alinsky's Rules for Radicals – specifically, rule number four: "Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules."  But it is their own side, the union movement, that is making the Democrats hobble themselves.

For years now, the MOTUS blog has been proclaiming, "Alinsky works for us now!"  It looks as if she is even more correct than she knows.

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