Democrats are in full attack mode against the success of the tax cuts

The media and other Democrats campaigned hard against the Trump tax cuts and tax reform plan.  It is already clear from the first month that the law will be successful at allowing benefits and money to trickle down throughout the economy.  So the success must be attacked.  We see many stories about how not that many Americans are benefiting from the cuts to corporate taxes, that shareholders are getting too great a portion, that people in high-tax blue states may be getting hurt.  The mantra is that the tax cuts are adding $1.5 trillion to the debt (they rarely point out that the $1.5 trillion is a wild guess over ten years.) We know that the journalists and other Democrats never cared about the $10-trillion debt increase during Obama's eight years, and we saw that Durbin, Schumer, and other Democrats don't actually care about the deficit today when they voted for the new budget.  They care about deficits only if they...(Read Full Post)