Democrats a nightmare for DREAMers

Once again, we saw this past week that the Democrats want the issue rather than the dream.

President Trump put forth an amazing offer: legalization for 2 million (I thought it was 800,000) and a path to citizenship.

Seriously, can you think of any other country in the world that would show that kind of generosity and humanity with anyone?

Nevertheless, the Democrats could not find a way to do something for the DREAMers, as Bre Payton wrote:

The Democratic Party is having an identity crisis.  For the past couple of months, Democrats have loudly declared protecting so-called DREAMers – children who entered this country illegally when younger than 18 – is their top priority.  President Trump has made it clear he will sign a bill that accomodates [sic] these young people, and many Republicans are willing and eager to put together a proposal that does just that.  So why hasn't the Democratic Party gotten it done? The answer is simple: they don't actually care about DREAMers. Their fixation with these young people is political calculation.

On Thursday, not one, not two, but FOUR immigration reform proposals failed to pass the Senate after Trump made it clear he would not sign a bill unless it included funding for a border wall, end "chain migration," and stopped the visa lottery system.  Trump has been very vocal about what he will and won't sign – it's not like this is a secret.  The leaders of the Democratic Party know what they will have to concede in order to create legal favors for these DREAMers, and they are simply unwilling to do it.

So the ball (or "la pelota") is with the DREAMers.  They have two choices:

1. They walk away from the Democrats, who've been using them for years – the same ones who did not pass DACA when they had majorities not long ago.

2. They find themselves deported or without legal protection soon.

As someone who would like to see a solution to the DREAMers, I find the Democrats quite disgusting.

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