Democratic centrists are back for another mid-term

Back in 2006, the Democrats were out of power and looking to win the House and Senate. They did it by running "centrists," candidates who could compete in suburban and rural districts.

Yesterday, Mike Revis scored an upset in a so-called safe GOP state district in Missouri:   

Revis, a 27-year-old procurement manager, ran on a platform as a centrist Democrat with particular focus on education, access to health care and support for the labor community, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

State Rep. Peter Merideth, D-St. Louis, told the newspaper that Revis’ win was “enormous” and made possible only due to “a lot of grass-roots support and a hardworking, authentic moderate candidate from his community.”

The election result might signal the changing tide for the GOP that is heading into the midterm elections this year against a highly-mobilized Democratic opposition united against the president.

Afterwards, I went to Mr. Revis' website and found that he wants to put "people before politics," "inspire and support those with dreams of starting a business of their own and teach our young people how to become entrepreneurs," and he is totally silent on sanctuary cities, DACA, abortion, and other complicated social issues. He speaks very vaguely about "access" to health care but does not address tax increases that may be necessary to pay for it.

Some would say that these victories are signs that there is a blue wave in the horizon. It could happen but let me add these ideas:

First, liberalism is dead outside of major cities. Mr. Revis did not invite DNC Chairman Tom Perez to show the party flag; 

Second, the Democrats are really two parties these days. On one hand, the party of Pelosi and on the other, the centrist state parties winning these elections. How is this party going to govern? Not very easily! 

Third, the GOP is assuming that the Democrats will run an "impeach Trump" campaign. They will in safe districts and go for the middle everywhere else. In other words, get ready for these Democrats with vague messages about putting people over politics rather than anything specific.

Last, but not least, the lesson is that you don't take a district for granted. It's all about turnout or voters.   

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