#BLM protestors shut down light rail line in Minneapolis to protest a game in which black millionaires predominate

Light rail lines are part of the progressive utopian vision, as part of the program to get people out of automobiles and living in apartments within walking distance of a transit station – just like they seen on visits to Europe. They hate suburbia and houses  with ample yards and lots. But that didn’t matter to the Black Lives Matter-identifying protestors who needed to make a statement by disrupting some aspect of the Super Bowl in Minneapolis yesterday.  I suspect that few of them care about suburban life one way or another, in their focus on big city police. The excuse the #BLM disruptors used was that the Green Line, which runs from downtown to MSP Airport and Mall of America (and thousands of hotel rooms near those visitor magnets) was reserved for Super Bowl ticket-holders on the day of game, so as to be able to accommodate thousands of them on a timely basis. Think Progress reports: The protesters explained their rationale in a...(Read Full Post)