Australia reverses itself on public break of ties with Israeli intelligence

Australia should be embarrassed at the exposure of its hypocrisy. The Daily Telegraph of Australia (behind a pay wall, but text available here) writes: SEVEN years ago Australia expelled a Mossad agent and publicly cut ties with the intelligence agency as it admonished Israel for using forged Australian passports in its assassination plot of a Hamas military chief. But in the murky world of intelligence, nothing is ever what it seems and yesterday the Australian Government hailed Israel’s intelligence network as heroes for making the initial tip off that led to the 11th hour thwarting of an alleged terror plot to bring down an Etihad flight from Sydney last year. “I wish to thank the Israeli’s very much,” Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said. “We did get intelligence advice from Israel and it meant that ASIO then reached out to other partners and with all of the information packaged together, it resulted in arrests.” No...(Read Full Post)