At CPAC, Mona Charen slams Trump, calls Le Pen invite 'a disgrace'

Conservative columnist Mona Charen appeared on a panel at CPAC on Saturday and proceeded to slam Donald Trump and conservatives for their "hypocrisy." She also skewered CPAC for inviting Marion Le Pen, a leader of the French nationalist party, whose family has expressed anti-Semitic ideas but there's no evidence the young Le Pen harbors anti-Jewish feelings. Needless to say, the rowdy crowd of rabid ideologues were not amused. One stalwart Trump critic dared to take the stage at this year’s CPAC. “If we want an audience with young people, we have to separate ourselves from the men on our side who’ve behaved atrociously toward women,” said conservative writer Mona Charen—a think tank fellow, and TWS contributor—during a panel discussion of conservative women’s feminist crisis. “I'm disappointed in the people on our side for being hypocrites about sexual harassers and abusers of women who are in our party who...(Read Full Post)