Arrested Rochester DACA recipient is a nightmare-generator, not a dreamer

Abigail Hernández, the DACA beneficiary arrested last Friday in Rochester, New York for making a terroristic threat, does not seem at all grateful for the special consideration afforded her by then-president Barack Obama.

WHAM-TV reported:

Rochester Police have arrested a 21-year-old student in the Rochester City School District after they said she made a credible threat against East High School.

Rochester Deputy Mayor Dr. Cedric Alexander and Deputy Chief La'Ron Singletary spoke at a news conference Friday afternoon.

According to Alexander, police were notified on February 16 about the threat being made against East High School. Staff within the Rochester City School District called police at 5:08 p.m about a threat posted on the East High School Facebook page. The threat said, "I'm coming tomorrow morning and I'm going to shoot all of ya [b‑‑‑‑‑‑]."

Unlike Sheriff Israel in Broward County, Rochester Police took the threat seriously and tracked her down.

RPD Deputy Chief La'Ron Singletary said it took investigators days to arrest track down because she made the threats from a fictitious social media account.  It took time for investigators to track down the person to whom the account belonged.

Now facing serious jail time if convicted, Hernández demonstrates the absolute need to avoid blanket amnesty and the folly of Obama's blanket deferral of action.  The excuse her parents are offering suggests she would be near the bottom of any ranking on desirability as an immigrant.

Justin Murphy of the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle:

Abigail Hernandez, the Rochester woman charged last week with making a terroristic threat in Rochester, has very low cognitive capability and is incapable of carrying out the sort of threat she's charged with making, her parents said Sunday.

The 21-year-old woman is a student at Edison Tech High School. She came to the United States from Mexico at age 3 with her parents, they said, and qualifies for "dreamer" status under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) rules.

"She's not right mentally — she doesn't pick up what people say," her mother, who asked not to be identified by name, said in Spanish.  "She's very dependent on me."

Assuming we taxpayers avoid the burden of an expensive incarceration of Hernández, we can anticipate paying subsidies for health care, food stamps, and various other forms of welfare for which a person unable to provide for herself qualifies.  John Binder of Breitbart explains:

Under a DACA amnesty, American taxpayers would be left with a $26 billion bill.  About one in five DACA illegal aliens, after an amnesty, would end up on food stamps, while at least one in seven would go on Medicaid.  Since DACA's inception under Obama, more than 2,100 illegal aliens have been kicked off the program after it was revealed that they were either criminals or gang members.

Also, as Breitbart News reported, only four percent of DACA illegal aliens have completed a college education, making the DACA population far less likely than the native American population to finish college with a degree.

Another 25 percent of DACA illegal aliens, Breitbart News reported, are "functionally illiterate" in the English language, despite being touted by the open borders lobby as being highly-educated and highly-skilled.

By rejecting President Trump's generous offer of citizenship to DACA beneficiaries (and hundreds of thousands of others) who pass screening, the Democrats are in effect telling Americans that we must pony up vast sums of money to subsidize less rhetorically violent  illegal aliens.  Let them run on that.