Apple store leaves whites out of diversity

A legal immigrant from a former communist country sent me the following email:

I want to share with you one shock I lived through on my last visit to the Apple store in the Chestnut Hill Mall, in Massachusetts.  

Below is a picture of the display Apple uses for marketing new features of the phone camera.  

While promoting the idea of the "diversity," it struck me that the display did I not have any white face included.  I found representation of all other ethnic faces, even in duplicate, and an attempt to show that globalization has mixed races.  The central place is given to a definitely Muslim girl.  If this is a picture of the world it makes me very sad as I feel a minority excluded from the world.  

This is propaganda, brainwashing Americans and the entire world.  It looks like our radical activists passed through education and grew strong enough in the corporate world to start removing us from the picture. 

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