Another WaPo 'error'

In “‘A death sentence’: Palestinians decry U.S. decision to reduce aid” (1/17/18), the Washington Post continues its history rewriting by claiming that the Palestinian refugees were caused by the creation of Israel. Not one Palestinian refugee was created by that simple, yet astoundingly powerful, act. It was the Arab war that followed after -- a war of genocide (they openly bragged of pushing the Jews into the sea!) -- where the neighboring Arab countries converged in battle against the nascent Jewish state and in one of the greatest "upsets" in history lost, that caused the refugee situation. Any verbiage deflecting that basic fact is a fabrication and distortion of history. It also blows apart the notion that Palestinians had no part in their own plight, tragic as it is. Yes, how they got there matters to anyone trying to understand the conflict.

The article made no mention of the fact that the Palestinian democratically elected leadership spends hundreds of millions of dollars to build and fortify underground tunnels into Israel to murder Jews, instead of providing basic necessities to their people. Does that not enter into the discussion of how the Palestinians use their money and put more light into their crocodile-tear claims against the Trump administration's reduction of support as a so-called “death sentence?” It is the Palestinian leaders who are handing down the death sentence, not the administration or Israel. Time to call it like it is at the Washington Post. Perhaps then there could be a solution to this conflict -- but it certainly won’t occur while the fingers are pointing in the wrong direction!

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