Another press shill attacks Trump as unfit, forgetting how bad Obama was

On Wednesday there was an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal by William Galston titled: "The Clear and Present Danger of Trump.”

A bold insert said:

His weekend Twitter outburst calls into question his ability to discharge his powers.

The article starts off:

In business, it is said, the customer is always right. Politics is more complicated, because citizens are called upon to be more than consumers.

“The people commonly intend the public good,” Alexander Hamilton wrote in Federalist 71, “but their good sense would despise the adulator who should pretend that they always reason right about the means of promoting it.”

Within the article it says:

In November 2016, 46% of the American people made a mistake, elevating to the highest office in the land a man incapable of discharging its duties. Now our country and our friends around the world are wrestling with the consequences.

I believe it is the people who elected a community organizer in 2008 and 2012 who wanted to remake the United States that merited the statement claiming such voters “made a mistake, elevating to the highest office of the land  a man incapable of discharging his duties. Now our country and our friends around the world are wrestling with the consequences.” 

Trump is having to fix the United States and the rest of the world because Obama:

Obama weaponized America's intelligence agencies, its State department, the IRS, the Justice department, and the FBI, all to go after his political enemies and make the government more powerful on his and his party's behalf, instead of working for the American people. (Instead of the media caring that Obama targeted political enemies, most of the media targeted the same people themselves, such as the Tea Party.)

Considering the Justice Department to be his own personal fiefdom to control as he liked, Obama repeatedly abused power. If he didn’t want the Black Panthers prosecuted for voter intimidation, they were let off. If he didn’t want IRS employees, or Hillary Clinton and her staff charged for obvious violations of the law, they weren’t charged. National security officials such as John Brennan, James Clapper, Susan Rice, Eric Holder and others could commit perjury with no worries of prosecution. If Obama didn’t want immigration laws enforced, they weren’t enforced, and sanctuary cities and states had no worries. Obama did have the DOJ go after Arizona for wanting to enforce existing federal immigration laws, and heaven forbid any state that passed constitutional, common-sense voter ID laws. Freedom of religion was never safe under Obama as he demonstrated by going after the Little Sisters of the Poor over Obamacare. People who disagreed on climate change were threatened with legal action by Obama's top enforcer, Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Reporters such as Fox News's James Rosen were targeted if Obama wanted them to be targeted. Leakers and those who illegally unmasked people’s names under Obama had no worries so long as they were targeting political opponents of the president. (The media not only didn’t care that Obama ran the Justice Department with an iron hand, they actually supported him every step of the way, and to this day pretend that under Obama, the Justice Department was run independently. In fact the media also pretends that the Obama Administration was scandal-free. It is easy to be scandal-free if the Justice Department and media look the other way and say otherwise.)

Obama pulled out of Iraq against the advice of the men on the ground and enabled the "JV team" of ISIS terrorists to build up.

He failed to live up to America's and NATO's commitment to put up missile defense shields in the Czech Republic and Poland, all to appease Russia.

He did next-to nothing as Russia attacked Crimea and Ukraine. Yet it was in our national interest to help Ukraine, yet Obama refused. I would call that a dereliction of duty, and extremely dangerous. 

He told Russia, thinking he was assuring them secretly, that he would be more flexible after the 2012 election. It was only found out at all that he did it because he was caught on a hot mic.

He allowed the sale of a fifth of America's uranium resources to Russia, even though he and others obviously knew of the clear corruption that was occurring to allow the deal. 

He didn’t care and made sure Justice didn’t care as the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation got massive amounts of money that clearly was related to Hillary’s government position in quid pro quo corruption transations.

He made the world a much more dangerous place by giving the biggest sponsor of terrorism, Iran, a nation that calls for "Death to America and Israel" 1.7 billion dollars 

He used a fake Russian dossier funded by Hillary Clinton and her Democratic Party as an excuse to spy on Trump. He allowed his people to illegally leak phone calls and unmask names of people who were illegally spied upon.

He allowed North Korea to continue building up its weaponry to threaten the world. It is now up to Trump to try to rein in North Korea after 25 years of appeasement.

But to Galston, the danger is Trump, because he continually tweets that there was no collusion with Russia by him or his people. It's ridiculous: Trump has to spread the word because elitists like Galston and most of the media have continually spread the lie that there was. The media spreading disinformation is much more dangerous than the miniscule amount of cash the Russians spent before and after the election. 

It is a shame that Galston and others had their blinders on during the eight years of the "Clear and Present Danger" of Obama to the U.S. citizens and the people of the world as he ballooned the power of government. It is Obama who also caused the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals problem by going outside the Constitution and refusing to enforce immigration laws, not Trump. 

Thank goodness we have Trump now (and not Hillary Clinton) because Trump is trying to transfer the power, purse and freedom back to the American people as fast as he can. Had we had Hillary, a clearly corrupt person, she would have continued to amass power and money for the government and herself, expanding in Obama's footsteps.