An emerging police state that spies on Americans? The left yawns

Ever since the McCarthy era, hasn't it been a cultural norm from the left to holler about the U.S. becoming a police state? A police state that spies on innocent Americans? One that represses free speech and imposes thought which in reality is little different from a Soviet-style totalitarian police state? Aren't camps around the corner for the U.S., too? Hasn't the dark night of fascism been always descending over the United States (for decades), to paraphrase Tom Wolfe, yet lands only in Europe?

Police State. Photo by Johnny Silvercloud / CC0 BY-SA 2.0

It's a drum the left has been banging for decades, all out of a supposedly pious 'principle.' Of course we don't spy on terrorists who would kill us! Gentlemen don't read each other's mail! We wouldn't dream of spying on Black Panthers or subversives within so many social movements because their rights might be violated! It's wrong! And the left's auxiliary to this defense of anti-Americans' "rights" was to align with groups like the American Civil Liberties Union which always favors the criminal over the protectors of Americans; calling for the full Marquess of Queensberry rules as far as the state goes. As Weatherman terrorist leader Bill Ayers put it: 'Guilty as hell and free as a bird' and the left has been happy with that. On the matters of state, the culmination of this philosophy was in the Church Commission, which debilitated our intelligence services over few past abuses during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, including what were known as the CIA's "family jewels," which included news of its Keystone Kop effort to get rid of a monster like Fidel Castro by trying to make his beard fall out. A fine summary of the origins of the left's creation of the Church Commission by Thomas J. Farnan can be read at Townhall here.

But as Farnan notes, all that oom-pah-pah from the left over spying seems to have changed.

We had the Internal Revenue Service spying on and repressing internal dissidents, which were not people who sought to harm us, as the left's heroes did, but who called themselves the 'Tea Party' and campaigned for lower government spending. The IRS and its minions such as the notorious Lois Lerner, who looks every bit like the warden she was, spied away, admitted their political motivation, and got off scot-free, retiring to their multi-million-dollar beltway manions as their reward.

And from the principled left? Silence.

Then the deep state got busy spying on Carter Page, a blameless man who has not been charged with anything, for the 'crime' of liking Russia, based on his experience in Russia. A flimsy-as-hell, we-knew-it-was-garbage partisan file document, paid for by the Democratic Party, was used by the FBI as the basis for a FISA warrant, that protection put in by largely the left to keep the government from spying on citizens, and sure enough it was abused, resulting in the utterly unwarranted spying by the government on a U.S. citizen. And from there, more citizens were spied on, many more - including all of the people on the Trump team who got 'unmasked' in mass numbers by Obama officials, one of whom may have stolen Samantha Power's password to use in the unauthorized searches. Obama, was that you?

And the response from the left? Absolute dead silence. Abuses left and right and not a voice of principle among them. It's all because they hate Trump that much. They are absolutely blind to the double standard their silence implies. What it means is they can't go to that well a second time if more spying on their favored subversives occurs again. Because they've dropped their principles, that path is now wide open. Two can always play at their games.


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