After Parkland massacre, the left wants to disarm ‘gun-clingers' yet ignores gun violence in black community

Two days before a 19-year-old former student left 17 dead and many injured in a Parkland, Florida high school this past week, two 14-year-olds from Chicago's Back of the Yards neighborhood were shot. 

From Feb. 1 to Feb. 17, 2018, twenty Chicagoans, mostly black, were killed, and 65 others were shot and wounded.  But you won't see the dead's faces and names 24-7 on CNN or MSNBC.  The same mainstream media that cover school shootings involving mostly white suburban students with pictures and bios for days after the carnage give gunned down black youths, some caught in the crossfire of gang violence, a few seconds or so on a local or national news roundup.  

In the leftist media's perpetual war on Bible and gun "bitter clingers," the slaughter of blacks and Hispanics in Democrat-run cities, where guns are easily bought, stolen, traded, and sold neighbor to neighbor, doesn't serve their interests. 

Nothing illustrates the left's own agenda-driven, implicit bias more than choosing to ignore minorities killing each other in cities with strict gun control measures, while the mostly white victims at Columbine High, Virginia Tech, Roseburg Community College, Sandy Hook Elementary, and now Marjory Stoneman Douglas High receive daily, exhaustive coverage.

After each suburban school shooting with a majority-white population, anti-2nd Amendment zealots are out in force within minutes, blaming guns for the murders.  When gun violence takes the lives of countless blacks in urban areas, liberals claim "harsh criminal-justice policies in the age of mass incarceration" fuel the chaos.  For blacks, guns don't kill; the system does.  For whites, guns kill – not the psychotically disturbed individuals who use them.

True to form, with the dead of Parkland still waiting to be buried, Barack Obama, without mention of the shooter, blamed the gun: 

Caring for our kids is our first job.  And until we can honestly say that we're doing enough to keep them safe from harm, including long overdue, common-sense gun safety laws that most Americans want, then we have to change.

Obama made no such statement this past weekend when four people were killed, including two teens, and 17 were wounded in shootings around the Chicago area.  The former president also ignored the nine Chicagoans killed and 19 wounded during the first two weekends of February.   

Obama and his left-wing political cronies screaming for gun control after white children are murdered in school shootings are the same ones who create social justice policies that have blacks shooting other blacks by the thousands in inner-city war zones.

The left's "by any means necessary" strategy means that dead white children plastered all over television for days are much more effective than dead black kids when it comes to disarming law-abiding Americans. 

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