Adam Schiff, meet Columbo!

There is an episode of Columbo from 1990 called Columbo Goes to College.  It tells the tale of two spoiled, entitled, and sociopathic young men who murder their professor after he catches them cheating on an exam.  So convinced of their own intellectual superiority are these two punks that they devise a way to kill said professor in a manner they are absolutely certain will never be discerned.  They even frame an innocent man without regard for his life, just for fun, because they can.  The father of one of the boys is a high-powered lawyer, equally arrogant as his son, if not more so.  The boys know without a doubt that they are smarter than the police, especially Detective Columbo, whose special talent is playing the fool when he is always ahead of the game.  They purposefully ingratiate themselves to Columbo, their guest professor, as self-appointed deputies in the investigation.  Of course, they are caught in the end; their arrogance melts away as Columbo demonstrates for all exactly how they committed the crime.  Their confidence in their own intellectual superiority is blasted to bits.

This old episode about the iconic rumpled detective who always solves the crime is hopefully soon to be analogous to the predicament Adam Schiff and his like-minded colleagues find themselves in today.  For over a year, the Democrats, especially Schiff, have been shouting "collusion with Russia" from the rooftops of the swamp.  It must be true, they say.  It is true, they insist.  They badly want it to be true.  But as we now know, none of it is true.  It was all a set-up, an "insurance policy," a grand plan to prevent Trump's election and, after he won, to ensure his eventual impeachment.  It had to work!  Otherwise, an administration from outside D.C. might uncover the many unconstitutional crimes of the FBI, the DOJ, the DNC, the ever corrupt Clintons, and the Obama administration, crimes committed to cover up crimes.

The moment Trump won, the plan to discredit him with the fake dossiers that had been commissioned and produced by the Clinton campaign escalated into high gear.  The major players on the left, HRC and the DNC, and the higher-ups in the FBI and the DOJ accelerated their operation and shifted into cover-up mode.  Trump had to be removed from office before he discovered and investigated their egregious underhandedness.  This bunch was all in to protect Hillary Clinton and destroy Trump.  These people were sure they would succeed.

The Columbo episode is distinctive for the all too common pretentiousness of these boys and the lawyer father.  Columbo plays the young murderers like a Stradivarius, the same way Trump plays the left and the mind-numbed, anti-Trump media.  While the viewer knows that Columbo is on to the murderers early on, he is never over-confident.  He solves his crimes with evidence.  The two boys are so self-righteous that they do not realize they've been caught until the very last moment.

Adam Schiff and his willing dupes in the media are about to be proven to be as immature and as stupidly arrogant as Columbo's smug miscreants.  Surely Schiff and his pals realize what is coming down the pike with the DOJ I.G. report.  But no.  They will cross that bridge when confronted with it.  They seem to think stonewalling the truth will prevent it from exploding into the public sphere.

The release of the Nunes memo was going to be a catastrophic risk to our national security, according the Democrats who had read it.  Every Democrat on the intel committee voted to block its release.  Then, the minute it was released, it was a "nothingburger."  The Grassley-Graham memo, ignored by the media, underscored the depth of chicanery by our law enforcement institutions laid out in the Nunes memo.  And in the face of overwhelming, documented evidence, Adam Schiff is still in front of every camera he can find touting Trump-Russia collusion.  The man is foolish beyond description, as are the media news anchors who relish the nonsense he spews.  They are seemingly incapable of thinking about tomorrow. 

Will they continue to pretend our premier law enforcement institutions have not been corrupted to the core by the Obama administration?  Of course they will.  They will count on the fact, feel secure in the knowledge, that their viewers, their readers do not know any better.  On that score, they may be right.  Who among the committed Democrat voters who still think Obama was the light and the way has heard of Fusion GPS?  Of Uranium One?  Of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page?  Of Sid Blumenthal or Christopher Steele?  Very few, sad to say.

The ignorance that so often goes hand in hand with the conceit of eminence and the sense of moral and intellectual superiority that those so afflicted display is a particular tragedy of our great nation.  Wealth and success have corrupted so many of those who should feel nothing but gratitude to the American founders.  Instead, they often become our loudest naysayers.  Without those who gave their lives to drafting the Constitution, this privileged class would likely not enjoy the good life they now take for granted and think they deserve.  Instead, many of the wealthiest among us lobby for the destruction of the very system that made them safe and rich: Hollywood celebrities, the D.C. establishment, the radicals of Silicon Valley, the Tom Steyers, etc. who are genuine totalitarians at heart.  Like Columbo's student-criminals, this crowd of the powerful cannot be allowed to prevail over the law, the American people, and the Constitution.  The bad guys among the criminal elites have to go to jail, just as Columbo's murderers did.  The clock is ticking.  Adam Schiff is currently a hero of the left but a paper tiger if there ever was one.  He is roundly mocked on a daily basis by the right, for good reason.  Nunes, the dairy farmer, has about a hundred I.Q. points on Schiff, but Schiff, of course, is wholly unaware of that fact.  Schiff and his fellow collusion cultists are going to lose.  They will be made to look like the dupes they are.

Columbo was and remains a prime example of our favorite archetype, the eternal good guy, the man of virtue and values, the hero.  He was a plodder.  Let us hope that the plodding tenacity of Nunes and Grassley comes to a Columboesque end: the bad guys have to go to jail.  Somebody has to go to jail for orchestrating the most serious political crimes in U.S. history.  The Clintons were shameless crooks, but the Obama administration was downright sinister.

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