A Democrat who believes in the 2nd Amendment?

Wow!  It must have been a great moment over at MSNBC.  This is what happened:   

Jim Messina, a former campaign manager for Barack Obama, apparently isn't one to mince words.

During an appearance Friday on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Messina spoke about the irrelevance of public polls so early in an election year, Mediaite reported.

Then he underscored the point to host Joe Scarborough.

"Joe, you know how I feel about public polls," he said.  "I think all public pollsters should be shot."

Messina said there were other, more important yardsticks at this point to determine a candidate's viability.

Messina was obviously joking.  At least, I don't think he was threatening the pollsters.  Nevertheless, it raises two important points:

1. What if President-Elect Trump had same thing about all of the pollsters who got his election wrong?  He had a good case, since the so-called experts were giving Mrs. Clinton the election for weeks.

2. What if Roy Moore or anyone else had said something like that?

My point is that any GOP candidate or politician who said anything about killing pollsters would have been fried in the media.  CNN would probably be doing segments about our political rhetoric.  MSNBC would be doing interviews with victims of crime claiming that the Republican words were insensitive and just further evidence of the NRA's hold on the party.

Messina is going to get tame, if any coverage, compared to what any GOP or conservative would have gotten.

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