I choose the incompetent, stupid (according to the media) president

Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post says the only reason President Trump kept Rob Porter is because everyone else is incompetent.

I see what she means: it is extremely incompetent and stupid that these businessmen whom Trump surrounds himself with have given us economic growth faster than any time during Obama's eight years by reducing regulations and lowering taxes.  Median wages are rising faster than any time during Obama's eight years, and consumer confidence and business confidence are much higher.  Manufacturing jobs and energy jobs are also growing, and people are getting raises, bonuses, and tax cuts.  We are now producing more oil than Saudi Arabia or Russia.  Trump's approval rating in Rasmussen is also higher than Obama's one year into his term despite 90% of coverage being negative and journalists genuflecting to Obama every day.  What pure incompetence.

Journalists supported the genius, competent Obama as he and the academics he surrounded himself with gave us the slowest economic recovery in 70 years and stagnant wages, despite massive government spending increases and massive money supply growth with punishingly low interest rates.  The smartest man we have ever had as president made fun of Sarah Palin for saying, "Drill, baby, drill!" and told us that manufacturing jobs were gone for good.

He also told us that if we just gave him Obamacare, competition would increase and premiums would drop.  As he was 100% wrong on these and so many other things, journalists cheered and said how smart he was.

Looking at the results, I believe I will choose the incompetent, stupid (according to the media) president who is helping the private sector instead of the smart, competent one (according to journalists) who focused on helping the government.  As one of the people, Trump seems to be the much smarter choice.

From the Parker article: "You don't keep people in the White House who've been credibly accused of domestic abuse."

But Kathleen Parker and almost all the media were glad to put back in the White House the Clintons and all their people, who were continuously credibly accused of physical and mental abuse.  Not only were the Clintons not let go from the White House, but they were rehired for a second term and supported decades after the media and other Democrats learned of the credible accusations of abuse.  The media and Democrats essentially participated in the trashing of women instead of firing the abusers.  Networks gladly bring on women who accuse Porter and others but for over a quarter of a century haven't cared much about the credible abusers of Clinton.  Selective outrage is not outrage at all.  It is fake.

I actually believe that Parker and others have the definition of "competent" and "incompetent" backwards, since the president they describe as incompetent is accomplishing so much and the people they supported accomplished so little.

They described Hillary as extremely smart and qualified yet couldn't seem to come up with actual accomplishments.  Hillary wasn't even smart enough to know how to abide by security laws and didn't even know she should fire her faith adviser when he was credibly accused of abuse.  Were the rest of her staff so incompetent that she had to keep him?

I would challenge all journalists to make a list of all of Obama's policies and regulations that were meant to make the overall economy stronger and give more people the opportunity to move up the economic ladder instead of making the government more powerful and making more people dependent on government.  I personally can't think of any.

So who is competent, and who incompetent?  Aside from journalists who have become political propagandists.