Wolff so bad not even Megyn Kelly will host him

Bottom-ranked NBC news host Megyn Kelly is refusing to host Michael Wolff on her show to talk about his new anti-Trump book, "Fire and Fury:Inside the Trump White House."

According to the New York Post:

President Donald Trump isn’t the only person who columnist and author Michael Wolff has recently left in a shaking rage.

“Today” anchor Megyn Kelly refused to host Wolff on her show when he was promoting his book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” last week.

That's interesting because she is known for begging, borrowing and stealing any news "get," or interview, on whatever the hot topic of the day may be. That her ratings are so low and she has stumbled on some big catches, such as Vladimir Putin, would seemingly make her even hungrier for such interviews as they could boost her ratings. But she's saying no.

Ostensibly, it's because she objects to the fact that Wolff once wrote a negative article about her. But Kelly, who has a law degree, isn't dumb. She's out for ratings like any of them and could easily put aside hurt personal feelings to boost ratings, which after all, is her job. Wolff himself wrote that she was cold-blooded and calculating. So, well, yeah.

The more likely reason is that are problems of fact in Wolff's book, significant ones, and hosting him to promote his book is likely to lower her ratings, not raise them. Seriously, would you want to host a guy who claims to have written a non-fiction book and wants to promote its sales, yet so repeatedly gets called out on his facts that there's more spotlight on the book than the story it purports to contain? She's have to spend at least half the interview trying to verify his facts and running him down like a ratdog given that he mixes them up so much. That takes a lot of work.

The book has high ratings now on Amazon but any savvy book watcher can probably estimate that that is not going to last.

If Megyn is in it for Megyn, as Wolff claims in his mean essay about her, why would promoting Wolff serve that aim, given especially that he's been shown to be so fact-challenged? Wolff's lame claim that President Trump didn't know who John Boehner was was easily disproven by Trump's many tweets from years back on the man. Wolff himself has admitted to making things up, too. Why would promoting Wolff help Megyn's show and ratings when he's been shown to be such a loser? After all her own bumbles in the news biz, from lingerie pictures to botching her Putin interview, to seeing her rankings at Fox tank to seeing her new NBC gig founder afterward, the one thing Kelly craves is respectability. Hosting a guy like Wolff won't give her any.


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