Why does the press always report that Trump wants $18 billion for a wall instead of $1.8 billion per year?

Everyone in the press says Trump wants $18 billion in the national budget for the border wall, for nothing more than to make the number sound huge. I think it would be good to put the number in perspective, since it is actually a ten-year number.  The wall is to be constructed for $1.8 billion per year, or around 0.4 percent of the federal budget.  It is less than $6 per person, since we have over 320 million Americans. To put this in perspective, we spend around $70 billion on food stamps each year, or more than $700 billion total over ten years.  Why don't we read that ten-year number in the press? We give over $500 million to Planned Parenthood each year.  Why isn't that reported as Democrats asking for a ten-year figure of $5 billion?  The answer, of course, is that the media and Democrats like spending on Planned Parenthood, so they don't want that number to sound big.  Meanwhile, they don't like...(Read Full Post)