Why do 'Temporary Protected Status' refugees need 18 months to leave America?

When John Kelly moved from the Department of Homeland Security to the White House, there was an interim period when an Obama holdover named Elaine Duke was acting secretary of homeland security.  During that time, Duke decided that Haitians living in America under Temporary Protected Status (TPS), due to an earthquake seven years earlier, could and should return home.  Duke gave the Haitians eighteen months to leave the country – an unreasonably long period of time. At the time, it seemed as though Trump had pressured Duke to end TPS for the Haitians, and Duke, reluctantly agreeing, built in the extra eighteen months to benefit the Haitians. But now, John Kelly's handpicked successor at DHS, Kirstjen Nielsen, has made a similar decision regarding 263,000 El Salvadorans who were granted "temporary" residence in the United States – "temporary" for over seventeen years.  Secretary Nielsen, whom "Sloppy...(Read Full Post)