Why aren't the Democrats horrified by the corruption at the FBI and DOJ?

It is becoming clearer by the day, after over a year of investigations, that the Obama administration did indeed weaponize the DOJ, the FBI, the CIA, the ATF, the IRS and the NSA.  Over those eight years, each of the above agencies was transformed into an arm of the Democratic Party tasked with crippling the opposition and abrogating the Constitution.   Since all of the mainstream media already were arms of the DNC, it is well and truly a miracle that  Donald Trump prevailed throughout his campaign to win the election, as the entire DC bureaucracy and media were  aligned against him.  Most of them  still are.   Those law enforcement institutions in which Americans have put their trust and faith for many decades have been thoroughly compromised by a group of bad actors at the top, self-appointed arbiters of electoral politics.   Besides sullying the reputations of their institutions, this...(Read Full Post)