Who will mourn Sloppy Steve?

"Sloppy Steve" is out at Breitbart.  After Steve Bannon alienated President Trump, the word is that Rebekah Mercer, a part owner of Breitbart, disassociated herself from him, making his departure inevitable.

Does this make you laugh or cry?

Let's consider the good that Sloppy Steve did:

1) As editor of Breitbart, he helped push the debate to the right on many issues.

2) As "chief strategist" to President Trump, he helped put the travel ban in place and pushed the president to the right on issues such as immigration.

3) In the White House, Sloppy Steve reportedly fought the liberal "Javanka" faction, which pulled Trump to the left on many issues.

Why, then, do I keep calling "Sloppy Steve" "Sloppy Steve"?

Well, Sloppy Steve was an egomaniac.  You could tell it simply from his job titles.  He wasn't content to be "editor" or "publisher" at Breitbart; no, he demanded to be called an "executive chairman."  Since when do websites have executive chairmen?

It was the same at the White House.  Not content with being a "senior adviser," he demanded to be called "chief strategist," billing himself above the chief of staff.  That might have worked when the beta-male Reince Priebus was chief of staff, but it did not play nearly as well with General John Kelly.

Bannon constantly was promoting himself at the expense of others, and if there is one thing President Trump hates, it is someone else taking credit for Trump's own achievements.  Look at Stephen Miller.  Steve Bannon brought him into the White House, but Bannon is gone, and Miller is still there.  What is the difference?

Bannon promoted himself; Miller promotes only the president.

Even after he left the White House, Bannon boasted how he was going to take on the Washington establishment, how he was going to challenge nearly every Senate Republican up for re-election, a totally unrealistic goal.  He even seemed to put out feelers saying he would run for president in 2020 if Trump didn't.

The last straw was his quotes in the Michael Wolff book, which attacked members of Trump's own family.  What was Bannon thinking, allowing Wolff access to the White House?  What was Bannon thinking, making such derogatory comments?  Probably, he was thinking about himself.

It was Sloppy Steve's ego that brought about his downfall and the loss of the most conservative voice in the White House.  With his departure, we see President Trump now rushing to embrace amnesty for "DREAMers" and paying for genital mutilation in the U.S. military.

Now Sloppy Steve is out at Breitbart, and I have a feeling he won't be running for president or invited to give speeches again.  He'll be like Anthony Weiner without the molestation conviction.  He and Al Franken can form a group called "Bipartisan Problem-Solvers" and put out position papers that no one will ever read.

A sad ending for Sloppy Steve.  But he brought it on himself.

Ed Straker is the senior writer at Newsmachete.com.