Who is responsible for Natalie Portman's claim of 'sexual terrorism'?

Actress Natalie Portman told the crowd at the Los Angeles Women's March on Saturday that she experienced "sexual terrorism" after her first movie role at the age of 12.  Recounting her story, Portman stated she was "excited" as a 13-year-old to receive her first fan mail when the controversial movie The Professional opened in 1994.  However, one of the very first letters she read detailed a "rape fantasy" inspired by the actress's performance as a kind-hearted killer's Lolita. This "terrorism," she said, continued throughout her teen years as she became increasingly well known.  No doubt, playing a sexualized, vulnerable orphan in a relationship with an older man was psychologically disturbing for the youngster.  But whose fault is that?  Incredibly, she suggests that acting in a  movie with undertones of adult-child sex is not the problem.  It's the...(Read Full Post)