What business is it of Jerusha Armfield's whether Donald Trump asks for forgiveness?

Billy Graham's granddaughter, Jerusha Armfield, thinks President Trump "needs to repent."

Apparently, she's quite involved with the trashy tabloid-style story being promoted in the mainstream media, about President Trump somehow being involved with some porn star. That's right, a germophobe, and a billionaire who wouldn't have much trouble getting any gold-digger he wanted, based on the tale of some for-hire woman with plastic boobs who's claiming an affair more than a decade ago.

Does anyone really care about this? Is anyone really surprised? This is junk news, unverifiable, and even if it were true, utterly inconsequential to how America has been governed right now under the Trump administration, which has featured policies that restore religious rights. My own sense is that were there any merit to the story, it would have come out during the campaign, when places such as Fusion GPS and its Democratic Party patrons had plenty of money to throw around to promote such claims.

True or false, we have another problem with Jerusha Armfield thinking it's true, and then pope-like, prescribing particular penances for this non-problem that doesn't affect her life in any way whatsoever. As reported on The Hill, which has the video, she said:

"Obviously our faith believes in forgiveness," Armfield told CNN's Jim Sciutto. "I think in order to forgive somebody, that individual needs to repent and apologize, and I don't think America has seen that from our president in any scenario, really."

Read that and then take a look at her in the original screengrab from CNN, as posted on The Hill: Nose in air, eyes looking down, pursed lips in disdain, unflattering hairdo, she comes off as an austere Victorian-era scold, the original  Mrs. Grundy, the farmer's wife in American Gothic, a walking advertisement against Evangelical Christianity. Not a lick of Christian humility or self-introspection in her in that appearance.

The idea that she speaks for Evangelical Christians based on her blood ties to the wise Billy Graham or the sensible Franklin Graham, is pretty dodgy, too. Since when did Evangelicals start electing popes who speak from the chair, or perhaps more accurately, Savonarolas with such prescriptions for the man? Since when did Evangelicals start electing Talibans to enforce 'morals'? Evangelical Christianity is a big world and leaders such as Franklin Graham have far more influence in it than Jerusha Armfield. Heck, Jimmy Swaggart, who admits he's not perfect and says his foibles are none of people's business, is far more representative of Evangelicalism, based on his vast empire, as well as far more understandable.

I probably shouldn't be that hard on her, but she's a longtime critic of Trump and CNN is very happy to elevate her to the position of spokeswoman for all Evangelicals for it, and she's going right along for the rid.

Yet it's creepy that she makes something that is none of business her business more important than the president's policies which really do affect our lives. Seriously, her affirmations of  the CNN narrative comes off as the obsession of a nosy neighbor with a damaging personal story about someone else, which is exactly how the left views Christians. In going on CNN to talk about it, she is pretty much accepting the premise that CNN's narrative about this porn-star story is all truth, newsworthy to boot, and very much the obsession of Evangelicals over policy (which includes Trump's defense of religious rights), all to get her face in front of the camera.

File under 'not ready for prime time.'

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