Black is the new color of liberal hypocrisy

Proving once again that Washington D.C. is Hollywood for ugly people, some female legislators plan to wear black to President Donald J. Trump's (R) State of the Union address next week, mimicking their Hollywood sisters and daughters who last month protested their new discovery of gross male inappropriate sexual behavior in the entertainment workplace.

Democratic female legislators that is because most -- but not all of course -- of these allegations in Hollywood and Washington are aimed at men who are Democrats. Who profess – publicly -- great respect for women. And donate generously to Democratic and/or liberal causes. Graciously, in the great liberal inclusive sudden awakening, Republican women are invited to join the somber wearing herd of (non)independent Democratic minds.

Granted that the Washington D.C. women are really not ugly. And there will be no pre-event red carpet preening of their black outfits which will definitely be more modest than their Hollywood counterparts. And legislators, being legislators, not flashy entertainers, often wear mainly black in their workday lives. But still, the move reeks of the same Hollywood hypocrisy.

The move to raise awareness for victims’ sexual harassment is supported by the Democratic Women’s Working Group, which includes all the Democratic women in the House, the group said on Tuesday.

“This is a culture change that is sweeping the country, and Congress is embracing it,” Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif said in a statement.

Speier also said that men and women from both sides of the aisle were invited to join them.

Rep, Jackie Speier, with all due respect, this is not "a culture change that is sweeping the country," this is a culture that has always existed, and still exists in many parts of the country. You just didn't know about it. Or, if you did, you laughed at it. This is the culture that former president Barack Hussein Obama (D) derided, a culture of bitter folks who cling to their guns and religion, who are against others not like them to explain their frustrations.  

And most Democrats agreed with Obama's assessment. And still do, with few, except when it hits them. Prior to this new -- to Democrats -- discovery of sexual harassment, conservative women who protested gross male aggressiveness by such Democratic icons as Bill Clinton (D) or Ted Kennedy (D) were labelled "trailer park" trash by another Democratic spinner, James Carville, and dismissed and mocked. 

Congressional "embrace" of this "culture change" -- to them -- by Democrats, while welcome, is many years too late.  But they and their newly woke colleagues are welcome to join the men and women from the other side of the aisle who have been behaving decently all along. And not just on one symbolic day ostentatiously wearing a special color to signal their virtue.