Unlike Obama, Trump nailed it on GDP growth

While most of the mainstream media attention has been focused on turmoil in Washington, or else President Trump's State of the Union address, if not tabloidy speculation on the state of Trump's marriage, out in the real America, what matters is very different: We have an economy again. This stands in stark contrast to the constantly overpromising and underdelivering record of the Obama administration. During the eight years of Obama's administration, Obama constantly promised that prosperity was just around the corner as the mainstream media said nothing.

But here's the reality, according to John Merline at Investor's Business Daily:

Trump Just Did Something Obama Never Could — Deliver On Promised GDP Growth

It's a breath of fresh air and real news, even if the swamp things of the Washington Post do their miserable best to pooh-pooh it.

Let's scroll back to the Obama era for perspective. At the start of each year, Obama’s economists would forecast growth for that year of 2.7%, or 3% or 2.2%. But no matter what number they picked, GDP came in lower than that.

And each year, Obama would blame some “headwinds” — but never his own policies — for the failure. It was the Japanese tsunami, or intransigent Republicans, or a cold winter.

So here comes President Trump, who has spent the last year determined to reverse all of Obama’s economic policies. He stopped multiple costly regulations in their tracks and ended others. He cut taxes on the — gasp — rich and on corporations. He’s been aggressively pro-business. He at least tried to repeal ObamaCare.

And guess what, GDP growth for his first year in office was 2.3%. That’s not stellar, but it is exactly what Trump predicted it would be at the start of the year, and it’s likely to go up as more data come in on Q4 of last year. So let’s not hear any more of this “Trump is being wildly optimistic about the economy” nonsense.

Trump nailed it on GDP growth. That's what matters to normal people out here.