Fancy that: Trump is 'Stalin,' yet Obama actually threatened journalists' rights

Jeff Flake, John McCain, and journalists from all over the spectrum are ripping into Trump for his threat to the media.  Flake even compared Trump to Stalin. I have to wonder where they all were when... Obama continually targeted Fox News (he obviously wanted 100% devotion). Obama specifically targeted James Rosen of Fox News. The State Department erased portions of an interview it didn't like on Iran with James Rosen. Obama's administration spied on Sharyl Attkisson. The IRS targeted and shut up political opponents. The Justice Department threatened legal action against those who dared disagree on climate change. Obama illegally spied on thousands of Americans for years. Obama spied on a political opponent before an election. Obama had staff who illegally unmasked people associated with Donald Trump and their conversations. I can think of nothing Trump has done that is close to the things Obama did to shut up...(Read Full Post)