Trump and the GOP: The polling turns

President Trump's approval rating in last four polls has been rising rapidly.  The latest, now 45 approve, 53 disapprove, is a big shift from 37-59 three weeks ago.  Real Clear Politics collects the recent polls:

You can tell without looking that his scores are rising, since there were no media stories last week about how low they are.  President Trump's approval polls are now higher than Obama's at this point in 2010.  This is leading to desperation on the left to destroy the dossier narrative with the Papadopoulos BS story, which even James Clapper says is nonsense, and to argue that Trump is out of his mind and that the 25th Amendment needs to be applied to throw him out of office.

Two new congressional generic ballots are just out, showing Dems up 6 and 7.

Two to three weeks ago, some of them were in the 15-point range, and the RCP rolling average is still lagging at 11.4.  Libs must be tearing their hair out.  Are they going to be reading the Wolff book for Bannon trash talk because they hate him less if he trashes Trump?

Iran is a huge embarrassment to Obama-lovers in the media and think-tanks.  Tax cuts may become very popular, and some people are already getting raises or bonuses.  Over 100 companies already have handed out "Trump bonuses."

This is not to suggest that GOP is in great shape.  It's not.  But maybe 2018 will not be a total disaster.  The GOP may pick up a Senate seat in North Dakota against Heitkamp, and Manchin is not a lock in West Virginia.  Missouri is iffy for McCaskill, with good a GOP nominee likely this time.  Other pick-up possibilities exist, as in Montana.  The House is still very much in danger, but overall, the political landscape is a bit better than a few weeks back.  And trend is our friend, at least for now.

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