Trump admin agreed to restart DACA because of fear of 'disruption'

As previously reported, when a federal judge ordered the Trump administration to restart the "DREAMer" program, the Trump administration appealed the decision but purposefully did not request a stay of the judge's order, obediently restarting the machinery of legalization for illegal aliens brought the U.S. as children. Now the Trump administration has explained its rationale for failing to request that the judge's order to restart the DREAMer program be stayed: In the new filing, [Solicitor Geneal] Francisco says officials concluded that a stay that the Supreme Court might eventually withdraw and reverse posed too much risk of disruption and confusion. "A primary purpose of the [Homeland Security] [a]cting [s]ecretary's orderly wind-down of the DACA policy was to avoid the disruptive effects on all parties of abrupt shifts in the enforcement of the [n]ation's immigration laws," the solicitor general wrote.  "Inviting more...(Read Full Post)