This much is clear: The left values illegal immigrants over American citizens

What has brought America nearly to the point at which the California attorney general, Xavier Becerra, is threatening businesses who cooperate with federal immigration authorities? If business-owners give information about possibly illegal employees, they will be subject to a $10,000 fine.  Because Gov. Brown has declared California a sanctuary state, Becerra has proclaimed that helping ICE is a violation of the law.  Senators Feinstein and Harris are supporting Becerra's dictate.

Along with the rest of the left, the Democratic Party now stands for illegal aliens over and above American citizens.  This is the crux of the current debate over the budget, a continuing resolution, the fate of the DACA illegals, and immigration reform.  The left is going to the mattresses over amnesty for illegal immigrants.  The right wants current immigration laws enforced.  What a dilemma.  Abrogate the law, or enforce it?

The left favors nullifying American immigration law because Democrats need the millions of underclass voters who are bound to be dependent upon them.  Who else will vote for them?  Surely not the American citizens who live by the law, who revere the Constitution and do not want their country transformed by the influx of unassimilable immigrants.  They know what has happened to Germany, to Sweden, to the Netherlands.

The new governor of New Jersey likewise has promised to make his state a sanctuary for illegals.  He plans to establish a state agency dedicated to "aiding undocumented immigrants [sic]," which is to say illegal aliens.  Gov. Phil Murphy was Obama's ambassador to Germany.  He is a billionaire who, like Tom Steyer, George Soros, and Mark Zuckerberg, has set out to ruin the United States as founded.  Why these people who have been so blessed by American capitalism want to destroy the nation that made them rich is a mystery.

Our current crop of Democrats in Congress are on the same page: Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein, etc.  They all value the illegal aliens over the people born here and our naturalized citizens.  Why?  They are all smart enough to know that socialism and communism kill.  They surely know the history of the Stalin's Soviet Union, Mao's China, Chávez's and Maduro's Venezuela at this moment in time.  Why do they want to sentence America to the fate of those benighted countries?  Inexplicable.

To those of us on the right, they are traitors, one and all.  As Kevin McCarthy said, unity is our strength, not diversity.  The immigrants of the distant past wanted to be American, to assimilate.  The dictates of multiculturalism changed all that.  Academia insisted that all cultures are equally good and must be respected, no matter how primitive, cruel, misogynistic, or murderous.  And where academia goes, the media mindlessly follow.  That some societies are sick is a fact never addressed on university campuses.  Not for a moment.  All cultures must be deemed equally valid.

All of this brings us to the nonsensical tirade among the left and the media over Trump's alleged verbal crime against certain corrupt nations.  If he uttered the word he is accused of uttering, he was indicting not the people of those nations, but their corrupt governments, which have abused their native populations for generations.  Haiti had extra help from the Clintons, who diverted many millions of dollars meant to aid the county to their own friends and their foundation.

The Clintons, like the rest of the left, could not care less about the people trapped in dysfunctional countries.  They care only about preserving and increasing their own power.  That Trump won the election has traumatized them.  One only had to watch that press conference with Dr. Ronny Jackson to see how deranged the media have become.  They were devastated that Trump is a healthy man.  Hillary could have had a stroke on stage, and they would have said she only fainted.  The numerous signs of her ill health throughout the campaign were so obvious that it was almost comical that the press ignored them.  They did not care about her health.  They only cared that she win.  That is how empty they are. 

Our self-appointed betters in the media and government are overwhelmingly leftist; they are no longer liberal, but radical.  The disdain for the American people among our elites is disheartening.  But Trump is winning.  Despite the 95% negative coverage of his presidency, he is succeeding masterfully.  The left knows it, and leftists are scared.

If and when the depth of corruption that was the Obama-Clinton-FBI-DOJ-State Dept. mis-administration breaks out into the mainstream media, they will suffer the shock of their lives, since the folks who deliver their news have not been revealing the crimes of their vaunted people in power.  No, no, no.  CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC have been keeping the facts they know under wraps.  They too value illegals over citizens.  They value their power over us peons, over the Constitution and the laws of our land.

They need to lose.  America needs to be great again. 

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