The price of racial demagoguery: Baltimore sets new per capita murder record

The American burg that used to be known as "Charm City" for its purported blend of Northern efficiency and Southern charm has new nickname: "Bodymore."  The slogan #BlackLivesMatter, shouted in the wake of Freddie Gray's death in 2015, has proven lethal for blacks who live in Baltimore.  That city's murder rate, which was on a declining trend in the years leading up to 2015, took a jump after rioters used the "space to destroy" provided for them by Baltimore's then-mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake: In the wake of severe criticism, police pulled back from proactive measures, such as stop and frisk, with perfectly predictable results.  The AP reports: Baltimore has set a new per[] capita homicide record as gunmen killed for drugs, cash, payback – or no apparent reason at all. A surge of homicides in the starkly divided city resulted in 343 killings in 2017, bringing the annual homicide rate to...(Read Full Post)