The President, fake news, and Davos

The news out of Davos is that President Trump was booed when he mentioned fake news in a speech before the esteemed global elite assembled there. The media is salivating and spinning this as verification that Trump is a boob and the dislike (hatred?) for him is universal.

Not so fast. There's an inconvenient fact that punches a hole in that hypothesis.

The ownership of the media is highly concentrated. According to the research done by Business Insider, a mere six corporations control 90% of the media in the United States. The situation is basically the same worldwide. In America, this concentration translates into something like 232 executives control the information diet of 277 million Americans

Now, who do you think are the owners of these media behemoths? It's not Ma and Pa Kettle. And it's sure not you and me. It's the elite. And whose opinions are presented to the public through the media? The elites’, of course. 

So when the president exposes the fake news media as an emperor wearing no clothes, Davos Man was naturally going to hoot and holler, hoping to distract from his nakedness. What is so delectable here is that Trump did this right in the elite's annual party to themselves. This shows that high octane-moxie flows through Trump’s veins.